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Originally Posted by Spark01
Somebody on the dutch lc8 forum is testing some custom settings on the ecu
He did alter the setting for the switch between the TPS&Manifold air pressure(F-L map).
The firts test results are very good.
He altered the settings between 1000-4000rpm lower than 10% TPS (standard this is 12% or higher).
For the switch between the L and F map.

He allready tried: 16sprocket,O2 sensors disabled, other throttle cams,2nd valves removed but none really worked for him, for the bike response on non smooth roads.
The Bike is a SMT by the way

This is a similar known mod that is also done on Suzuki SV1000/TLR's only on those bikes The tps switch is rotated to lower the switch point. On the KTM you can't do this that why he changed the settings in the F-L map.

An update on this post:

This is what he told:

just emptied my second tank,

6.6 l/100km in mixed traffic / driving style, some highway, some traffic jams, some B-roads, some wheelies etc.

But the smoothness remains a real salvation for the 990 to drive now! on the motorway there is even a kind of peace now, which was not there before
... at first, the engine was lightly continuously hunting, and now she is totally stable and peaceful. But such a small difference has a very large impact on feelings. I can also lower speed driving because she got more torque. In the sixth gear from 3000 rpm, I quietly go up, I never could before.

I am going to turn the 02 sensors back on, and see what that does for consumption and smoothness

I just did a quick compare between '09 map KM601EU0902031 and a '08 map KM601US0704501 and there is a big diffence between them in the F-L Switch map
on the pre '09 modells the switch point is way higher (63% TPS on 3500rpm instead of 24% TPS on 3500rpm)
'10 990SMT
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