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I was out for a ride today when my phone rang. "Self," I thought, "this must be some sort of emergency, everyone likely to call me knows I'm out riding!", so I stopped to answer it. Imagine my surprise to hear my friend Egg on the line!

He says to me, "Volta, I'm in a really rough spot right now. You'll never believe what that last guy put me through! First, he bragged about how he was keeping several of my cousins captive in his kitchen, then he brutally murdered two of them and tried to make me eat them! Then he dragged me out to the middle of nowhere and tried to push me off a bridge! Luckily, I was able to escape into the woods and hide until he finally left. Now I'm stuck out here, freezing my nuggets off in this wind, any chance you can come pick me up?"

"Of course," I say, "what are friends for?", and quickly detour to pick him up:

Since we were in the neighborhood anyway, we decided to run up to VT to grab the NNE tag:

Then, cold and hungry, we started looking for a diner or something to get some food and warm up. Sadly, all the diners we came across were closed, so we ended up at Nick's, across from the Miss Bellows Falls Diner. Of course, this being a bar and Egg not having any ID on him, we had to keep a low profile so there aren't any food photos.

Warmed up and with full bellies, we went back out to the bike, where the puddle I'd parked next to had skimmed over with ice. We had a quick discussion and agreed that getting home quickly seemed like the best idea, so we crossed the river into NH and followed NH123 into MA where we could pick up some quick roads home.

Once inside, we had a couple hot drinks to warm up

before Egg spotted the good whisky

All I can say is his trials these past few days must have really took their toll on him, he passed out on the couch after a single dram!

... and now it is time for me to follow his lead.
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