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Originally Posted by Captain Beardylocks
Ok, I've got my mig setup an have been practicing for a little while. It's been a ball, but I'm going to be moving to a workspace with wood floors. I was probably just going to protect the area around my bench with thin sheet steel, but does anyone have any tips for convenient fire protection covering that won't break the bank? As always, it's great to hear people's individual solutions.

move in. Insure it to the max. do some wrench'n. spill some oil,gasoline, anything else flamable you can think of. then do a lot of welding with total disreguard for where the sparks are going. hide the welding machine before the ins. adjuster gets there and let the ins. co. build you a new shop with a concrete floor............wood floors and welding is begging for disaster no matter how well protected you think the floor is.
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