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I travelled with a couple of german overland bikers, Peter and David, through malaysia and australia.
They were on honda Africa twins, and when in malaysia had bought little wire baskets that are on the front of every honda scooter in asia...they bolted right on too.
Well it was really hot in the Flinders ranges of Australia, and we decided to get some beer for camping that nite.
Peter put the six pack in his front basket as we only had 20 kms to go.
It was a fast gravel road and with the setting sun behind us we were having a blast racing to the campsite.
He was just ahead of me when he veered of the road with what appeared to be an exploding bike.
When we got to him about 100 feet off the road he was upright and ok.
It turns out he never crashed at all but four of the six cans had exploded in the basket and soaked him in beer and covered his glasses so he could not see.
Since Peter had most of the beer on him David and I drank the remaining two on the spot to prevent further accidents.

Since then I rarely transport beer. Now I try to drink it on the spot.
just trying to prevent accidents you know...
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