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Originally Posted by Ian640
I'm a hopeless addict of them. There's always a 'never again' moment at about 3 a.m. but this tends to get forgotten when the entry forms for the next event come out.

The overnight ones referred to in the link are technically quite straightforward but due to the endurance factor (weather, time, distance) and scoring system it's quite easy to turn an award winning ride into a 'nice day/night out'.

Great thing about them is you can use just about any bike with some off-tarmac capability - see the entry list for the Edinburgh Trial I just did.

There's also lots of more technically challenging long distance trials with entries full of small dual-sports - link to the site of an active LDT club.
Am I the only person in the U. S. interested in LDT? I rode the Ute Cup once and while it was the most fun trial I've ever ridden I'd really like to see an event like the ones held in the U. K.

Oh, and just so no one says I'm hijacking the thread I have Clean to the Finish and all three of Don Morley's books on trials bikes. I had the one on classic four-stroke trials bikes out and re-reading it yesterday. I agree with Mr. Morley in that this was trials' greatest era and I'd love to see a return to a time where you ride your bike to a long-distance trial, compete and then ride home again (hijack attempt #2).
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