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Originally Posted by Yascher
Looks like your shop has a lot of stuff we gudgetfreaks kan jork off on

I cant believe that you machined that from steel....I would have started experimenting with a wood or plastic model, until it all fits together properly...but you definetely enjoed manufacturing process of this bit )))))))

I agree.
I would have normally made it out of Alum first. Faster to machine and normally cheaper. I had the stock sitting around and it's hard to tack weld Wood to a steel frame for test fitting.

I'm "normally" pretty good at this and I did have an Alum version from the Honda Frame mount to get some of the dimensions from. Earlier, you could see that I printed out some drawings and cut them out with scissors to mock it up on the frame. About 10x back and forth from the CAD/Printer/and cut-out and I was pretty close. At least close enough to make a 3-D part. Some times you just have to roll the dice and hope for the best.

Worst case I could weld it up and re-cut it.
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