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Originally Posted by Oldobi

Hi John

Yes it preformed not that bad but yes they had a fall out. I think a cooling tube. After that the sit together with some motorcycle builders together to make it perfect. They decided that they have to change to much. I think the main problem of Highland was evertime the money and projectmanagment. Many people (dealer) lost a lot of money with Highland that time here in Germany. I am sure that this was the main reason to take a other base for the rally bike.
The Rally bike was modefied a lot. Some of that changes are built in the 2003 models.
1) For example walve timing.
2) He change the geometric of suspension on the rear. Engine is lower build in. and rear arm is changed in position.
3) He took away completely the oiltank and took in an Oifilter on the outside. A external Oil cooler (intercooling wiht the water) .
4) Electric Waterpump.
5) The conection of the ECU were to small and they changed the to bigger connector.
6) The fueling was (manifold) divided. Hard to explain how, but I will change this on my bike and show that with some photos.

I still have a motorcycle magazin were they report about this bike. I can scan that and put it here but it doesnīt help a lot because itīs in german.
Pit told me that the bike was good at gas consumption. I was suprised because my bike is not.

More interesting material for us Olli, thank you Wondered what the wide sump plate contained. It seems far too wide to be practical.

Just an idea, if you scan the magazine the software you use may have an Optical Character Reader, that would allow a translation to be done. I expect that you have already given us the basic information though.

If your bike has a good set up I think it should have good gas consumption too. Both Johan and I have got very good consumption from our bikes. Might be worth asking Thomas what he gets

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