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so here the test Highland Extreme

Site 1

Site 2

Now the Translation from Google / I didn´t check it. Sorry I am a little bit in hurry.

1 Side ( Report is from Jan 2000)

Highland is dead - long live Highland. After the rapid departure of
Swedish producer Highland were your hopes for
a two-cylinder sports enduro either hang on a nail, or
the long term KTM announced . Wait The more unexpected it is you
now make, yes even cut from the stool -provided. They live for such cars,
that high country with a revised version of the 950 V2 Outback
reports back. In order for all his enthusiasm to remain objective: 1 Not
Sweden itself, but an intrepid and off-road enthusiast
Schwabe has joined the "Hammer Odin's "second adopted the new name
the new project is Highland V2 E-XTREME, a designation of
Horse's Mouth true true. 3. It is no great revival of the brand, but
been conceived as individual productions Production.
The story: When in the late fall 1998, the Swedish company Highland
themselves had the rights to the Volan engine the Dutch at that time already
Hand, were acquired, the phone barked at the office, brought the
importer responsible for the homologation Andy Carpenter, the good news
of the first approved Senen V2. Limited to 300 pieces, this was the
Contract, were all sorts of Outback Children with diseases in the cradle.
Series scatter between 30 and 80 hp, some lack of attention to
enduro 76 AUKNTKWIlt
Detail, in part, simply constructive Botch. What role Pit's Offroad
Stop playing here? Pit Karches was a of select dealers and Highland
by the then Production Manager Mats Malmberg asked to provide a
Rally version to put on the wheels. Now is also not an unknown face Pit
in the off-road scene, could the rallye crazy Augsburg in 1996
at the Dubai Rally with a 360 Two-stroke KTM's first Place in Class
occupy less than 500 cubic. Actually a mad dog on the other, a man
with goals and visions. Especially the seemingly impossible causes Pit ever
back to such activity. Following were the Highland's not broke
Money to develop further Machinery for sale. Pit was in
Is paid in kind, that is currently Owner of several original Swedish
Bikes. Enthusiastic about the concept of V2, He did his homework very quickly.
The development of machine was advanced, many new designs
and practical details - a Engine at the start of production is now from
can speak - a few thousand less in the account and countless
Nights without sleep. The technical changes:Engine: The gray cast iron were
replaced by Nikasil guides. This to a stable thermal Household care, increase the lifetime
and reduce weight. Camshaft, crankshaft, pistons and
Originate from the original cylinder Husaberg spares shelf. The second
Step was to work the clock change the engine. The
front cylinder was in the course of changed by 180 degrees. A completely
modified the intake manifold provides uniform mixture of supply
two cylinders. For the foregone oil pan was a radically redesigned
Lubrication system is installed. The oil reservoir is now under the
21-liter main tank.

Side 2

We eagerly await the new KTM-Twin on the Intermot. Up
there's one and only - the Karcher Highland E-XTREME. - By Jörg Kubler -
Electricity: The massive electrical problems
have learned the aircraft Electricians . Short hand flew all overboard.
Ignition system, wiring harness, Controllers, etc. are specifically designed to
E-XTREME vote - now works everything perfect! Suspension: Both the fork and
Dampers are from White Power.
The 50 Extreme fork has an amazing 300 mm wheel travel. The rear
Counterpart was between 330 and 300 mm reduced and extremely progressive
matched. Setting: From the joist to strut clamp there's a subframe
carbon, saving weight and provides greater torsional rigidity.
The tail was reinforced and Subcarriers for wing tanks (2 x 5 liters)
Exhaust system: This is is a completely new design
stainless steel. So that the V2 better depends on the gas and running round, were
the exhaust pipes, the cross section have increased somewhat, formerly with each other
united. serves as a muffler Sebring racing silencers.
Rims: Here was the best used. Ceramic Coated
Excel rims guarantee high stability and the best corrosion protection thanks to the
noble coating. The rear wheel was a shock absorber donated to
include the damage on 6 Response and the drive train of the past now at.
Cockpit: Here is the entire navigation-compulsory unit
again, as at every rally Euke is installed. The sub-frame and the
Panel are as extra-thick carbon fiber Construction and manufactured mediate
the impression that they could each Withstanding a force of nature, l

Text under the pictures

It is all That. Pit Karches gave the V2
Outback a totally new look. At a price of approx.
are 25,000 Mark's powerful fire under the butt.
High-tech as far as the eye can see on the inner life
the V2 engine has been reworked and strong:
Nikasil jacks. Head, cams, pistons, cylinder
and crankshaft are of Husaberg.
Cockpit with important survival tools
ftoadbook, GPS, IMO and Co found in the self-made
"Rally-cinema" best place. Hand Guard
and Halogeascheinwerfer are Linus

Sorry for that english. Thats Google but mine is not that much better.


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