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Question sprocket?

Originally Posted by Irish John
Sorry no photos but Locopostie's XT is set up just like my wife's. Same small shield and same water proof tail bag. I also made a small rack which I have bolted to the flat on the rear fender which gives a bit more room on the seat and stabilizes the load. I also changed the stock type tires for Avon Distenza's which really improved the ride and handling. We are still running the stock gearing so on the slab, it's good for about 72-75 mph. I am thinking of putting a 15t counter shaft sprocket on it which should drop the rpms at speed by about 500. However, it will likely also effect low speed or off road handling.

This past summer we did a 1800 mile light weight tour of Colorado and Utah. She on her '08 XT 250 and me on my '09 KLX250. I really like the larger gas tank on the XT. The KLX will only go about 70-75miles before reserve. Unlike the XT which will do at least 125miles. They are great little bike! In fact, I would rather have one of these for myself than my KLX. We just got back on Monday from a week of light weight touring. We did the length of the Blue Ridge Parkway and Shenandoha Natl Park.
My wife just got a new left-over '09 XT 250, and after one afternoon of riding we think it would be better with +1t more on the front or maybe -3t less on the rear. It is realy slow in first, even the hard stuff should be ok if we gear it up a little. So question #1 Doesn't it have a 15t on the front now? Question #2 Where can you find a 16t front or a 45t rear? I can find nothing but 15t fronts and 46,47,48, rears
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