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Originally Posted by SUMTROUBLE
Well here's my point of view. I'm also a complete noob to GPS and found the unit very easy to use.

The guys @ trail tech are awesome!!!!! they stayed up late Wednesday to work out a few things and Emailed me an update for the unit.

It got me from Palmdale to Vegas with out a hitch.

Speedo perfect , tracking amazing . I ran the whole thing never looking at the roll chart. I just had my riding partner keeping track in case of failure and to point out the hard ways. I set the two engine temp points. Only saw one come on when I had the bike sitting at ide. (set at 120) just to see if it worked. There are tons of different settings those were just the two that I set.

Things I would like to see fixed.. Which im sure would be and easy program rewite.

Speed in the corner while on the map screen. Or to stay on speedo screen where all the info is and have a turn pop up.
On like the la to Vegas, a distance to finish
Larger font size
it would be great to have the track line bolder and Your travel line even bolder. It's a lil hard to read in the sunlite with dusty goggles and running 85. Be nice if you could just glance down.

This should not put anyone interested off on this unit it though.. It has SO MANY fuctions and its built by guys like us RIDERS. So I'm sure any issue anyone has they will deal with them.

i personal love it and will add a few more on the other bikes I have..

Did I read that right, that the Speedo is still in the corner when on the map screen?
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