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Originally Posted by sieg
My wife just got a new left-over '09 XT 250, and after one afternoon of riding we think it would be better with +1t more on the front or maybe -3t less on the rear. It is realy slow in first, even the hard stuff should be ok if we gear it up a little. So question #1 Doesn't it have a 15t on the front now? Question #2 Where can you find a 16t front or a 45t rear? I can find nothing but 15t fronts and 46,47,48, rears
I have a 45T rear - as the Oz model XT250 is different from the US model I was able to get one from a Tricker that fit. It seems a nice compromise for my riding - personally I would not go too much further than this if you are doing much offroad ...

For a front try Superior Sprockets ( who now do fronts including a 16T. Previously the only way to get this beast was from AFAM Japan or a after-market stockist of AFAM (normally in Europe).

Alternatively for a rear try Rebel Gears - they are excellent to deal with. They have an XT250 model on their catalogue with sizes varying from 42T up ... Be careful when you order as the sprocket from the older model XTs will not fit. An alternative is off an older style FZR400 with the 428 chain which also does fit if you can not find any other alternative ...
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