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Originally Posted by Infracaninophile View Post
The 60-40-18 - Is that just a goal you need to hit in order for this specific batch of metal to be good for the intended purpose?
This is a scaled down gating design project for a railcar brake piece. It's ~18(?) inches long. My first one:

I assume that's what's used in the real world for this piece: "buckeye tender truck" apparently.

Is the 60-40-18 a standard mix for certain kinds of applications?
It's one of many "standards."

What would happen if this got spilled onto your foot?
Well, if you dipped your foot into the furnace, or they poured it in your shoe, you'd probably be missing a limb (it's 2700+ degrees F). What happened in class was the TA was slagging it off and knocked the rod on a metal stand. A spark flew off and down into the girls boot. I'd compare it to getting a welding spark down your shoe. Painful, but you'll be ok.

Even though she was wearing a metatarsal boot, sometimes you get unlucky. She should have been wearing clip-on silvers when working that close to the furnace (she was directing the charge).

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