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PDM60 Info

There seems to be a lot of questions about the PDM60, how it works, what can be done with it, etc, so I'm going to offer to share a bit of information to help things along. I concieved the idea for the PDM60 and my company developed and builds the product. I can't sell them to you, that's what Aerostich does, but I can help them support the product so you better understand how it works. Unless of course they get pissed off about my posting here...Then they could be available direct.

This may be a little dry to some, but it's the nuts and bolts of the product. The original concept of the PDM60 was to get around the Canbus system current draw limits on the newer BMW motorcycles. Mirroring some of the functionality with much greater current capacity, but it ended up being much more than that.

The units available from Aerostich are configured to their specification but the product can be configured just about any way you want it as long as you keep the current draw max to 60 AMPs total with a per circuit max of 15 AMPs. The system features an ignition trigger which senses ignition on/off, if you want to use it, and we recommend you do; over current protection, easily resettable; diagnostic LED's so you know what it's doing and a choice of always on, ignition trigger on/off, variable time delay off (like for your GPS to stay on after the bike is off or for heated clothing to prevent battery run down). The auxiliary switch can be configured to work with the ignition trigger off, but the intent was for this feature to work with the ignition trigger for use on high draw items like driving lights and would not work with the system off. Thre are no replaceable parts to lose or corrode.

With exception of some very early production units, the product can be reconfigured by the factory if you find the settings to be unacceptable. Addtionally, any properly equipped dealer/distributor will have capability to custom program the units after January 2011 when our "dashboard" software will be released.

Wires can be removed from the connector if not needed, and we would be happy to provide them with no wires populated if the dealer/distributor is willing to order them that way. There is already a design change underway that will accomodate these needs.

The product was built by and for a rider. It's completely waterproof, unlike other fuse type products available, and yes, it's more expensive than a fuse block, but they really aren't even in the same category.

Any questions/comments/feedback would be welcome and appreciated.

Ride safe and leave your fuses at home

Steve Rowe
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