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Originally Posted by John Smallberries View Post
Thanks for posting! It is very cool to have a direct connection with the inventor. Do you have any photos of a PDM60 installed on a bike (with a BMW 1200GS preferred, of course!)

Are you saying that I could reconfigure the circuits for a different set of current limits, as long as the total draw stays under 60 amps? I assume I could tie two outputs together for 30 amps-right?

That may be useful to me as my gadget list is as follows
- Stebel horn (rumored to need 30 amps)
- full set of heated gear at 15 amps
- Clearwater Krista LED aux lights at under 7 amps
- iPhone charger at 2 amps
- Zumo (I assume to be under 1 amp)
- tiny aux LEDs - milliamps

I live west of Detroit. Is there anyone around me that could do this next year?

We have not tried tying the leads together for a larger output capacity but it's an interesting enough idea that we will set one up here and give it a try.

As for picutures, I don't have a standard GS right now. I can get you images on an HP2, 1200RT or a 1200 Multistrada.

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