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Originally Posted by srowe41 View Post
There seems to be a lot of questions about the PDM60, how it works, what can be done with it, etc, so I'm going to offer to share a bit of information to help things along. I concieved the idea for the PDM60 and my company developed and builds the product. I can't sell them to you, that's what Aerostich does, but I can help them support the product so you better understand how it works. Unless of course they get pissed off about my posting here...Then they could be available direct.


With exception of some very early production units, the product can be reconfigured by the factory if you find the settings to be unacceptable. Addtionally, any properly equipped dealer/distributor will have capability to custom program the units after January 2011 when our "dashboard" software will be released.


Any questions/comments/feedback would be welcome and appreciated.
Thanks for coming into here and offering to answer our questions!

I have been adding fuse blocks to my bikes for years, and am always looking for the next, best, thing.

This is the re-wiring that I did for out_rider's sidecar rig this summer. I am showing off the job we did on his rig because it turned out nicer than what I did for my own sidecar, but used the same fuseblock.

We both have a Hannigan sidecar with dual Piaa headlamps switched thru relays to operate as separate Hi/Lo beams, as well as a high-draw servo-screw motor to adjust leanout, a Can-BUS trailer-light wiring relay package, and some other accessory circuits.

I think that your module would clean things up nicely, and potentially eliminate at least some of the relays depending upon how it can be set up.


One suggestion that I have is to perhaps include longer pigtails for the wires. Or offer a long-wire plug as an option? It would reduce/eliminate splices in the wiring harnesses, which are always a weakness and source of trouble.

Another would be if you could offer one low-amperage circuit that was always-ON for those of us who do long-distance riding and like to keep our GPS running to maintain our trip-log timers.

And, of course, there are always those of us who need MORE...
As you can see, I already have an extra external fuse added to out_rider's six circuit panel. Are there any plans for the 8/10/12 circuit model???
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