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Well me and my bud on the KLR were up around Breaks Interstate Park. It wasnt the best time of the year to be out riding anyhow but we either didnt know that or care?(Youth) No one anywhere, no cars, bikes nothing. We walked down to one of the lookouts for viewing scratching our ass's and picking our nose's kind of stuff and a guy in a 1 ton pickup pulls up. Walks down close to where we were and just looks over the edge?
Now you got to know my buddy to appreciate this but he never let a lie stand in the way of a good story. He said to me that guys going to jump? He walks over to him and starts off with a line of BS that would have made Red Fox proud.(you younger guys might have to look that up). After talking with the guy for a good half an hour he said he had came here to jump. His son was on drugs, his buisness was in trouble, his wife was cheating on him and his dog wouldnt hunt anymore .

Well then my buddy was in his element. He said let me tell you what happened to me. He started off telling the guy the biggest line of BS you ever heard and ended it up with his wife running off with a one legged Vacuum Cleaner Salesman . I didnt have a clue who he was talking about? I had known this guy all my life and had never heard that.

The guy in the ton truck was laughing so hard I thought he was going to fall over the guard rail. He shook our hands and said his life wasnt that bad after all. He went to his truck and drove off.

I asked my buddy was any of that true? He said hell no! But now he feels sorry for me and not himself.

We left and was driving through a small town about 3 hours later. A truck horn was a blarring and I thought we were about to get our asses ran over, tires started squeeling and I looked over and there the guy was in the ton truck happy as 3 eyed cat watching a mouse hole. Smiled and yelled and waved at us and then drove off. My buddy said he still feels sorry for me.

I guess some times it dont hurt to lie some.
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