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Originally Posted by Birdmove View Post
My only mark against the 250 is that it's a five speed. That's one of the best things about the 225. That and how suprisingly torquey the 225 is.

If you think the 225 is torquey, you've gotta love the new 250.
That's a 250 Raptor engine in that thing and torqie is what it's all about.
The ONLY thing you'll miss about the 6th gear on the 250 is shifting one more gear.
If you look into the final drive ratios for each bike (225 vs 250) you'll see they're almost identical on top. The beauty is, the 250 pulls longer and harder through all it's gears so it doesn't need them as closely spaced as the 225 does and that's the reason the final drives are almost the same and the 250 has NO NEED for a 6th gear.
Don't judge the little bugger by it's lack of a 6th gear. You wont miss it.

Ps. The rear Disc more than makes up for that 6th gear.
You guys have me missing my 08. I shouldn't have traded it in on the DR; just kept it and had a higher monthly payment. (sniffle, sniffle!)
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