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Originally Posted by Hair View Post
I have map switches on both my 390 and my 570. I never change the mapping on eaither bike. I tested it on my 570. The map swtich doesn't seem to affect the lowend at all. It does change the midrange. The bike bogs more when you roll the throttle on in the midrange. It gives you a second to think about what you just did.
I have the switch on my 570 and I honestly can't see much difference when riding around here at 1k to 4k feet elevation. HOWEVER, the first day I was riding in Colorado at about 9-13k feet, I could feel the motor bog down when climbing hills. I moved the switch from the soft setting to the most aggressive, and the bike immediately woke back up. It then felt very similar to how it does here at home. So, it DOES make a difference, but it's hard to notice at lower elevations. Maybe the difference is more obvious on the 390 or 450?
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