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Originally Posted by Jeff B View Post
WOW Banjo, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this thread. The next time our paths cross could you give me some pointers on how you get all these shots.
Hey Jeff Thanks.

The beautiful thing about digital is that you can take lots and lots of pics and hopefully get lucky once in a while. (I should probably delete more than I do )

'banjo pic takin' 101:

When I'm riding I keep a point and shoot camera on "landscape" mode in my jacket pocket, tethered to a break-away leash around my neck and just snap pics on the fly like a fool.

What I've learned to do is "trick the light meter" to avoid getting a blown out or white sky.

Simply point the camera up at the horizon and push the button down 1/2 way, then drop it down onto the subject and finish the shot.

The brighter the sky is the higher you aim it for good exposure, if there are lots of shadows closer to the tree tops seems better so the shot isn't under exposed.

This not only "tricks" the light meter but it locks your focus on infinity, helping to prevent blurring while shooting "on the fly"

But that's really only good when looking at far away scenery, "quick draw shots" you just take your chances.... If the subject matter was real interesting, I like to stop and try to frame things up nice but it often seems like I just passed a truck when I see something like that and end up just passing it by.
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