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Nearing Albany, GA there is an abundance of pecan orchards all planted in pretty rows.

Some surround large plantation homes.

To harvest the pecans the trees are shook by a funny looking machine then the nuts are simply swept up into rows by tractors with rotating brushes.

The pink ribbon maybe for a new baby girl I often wonder how many generations of the same family may have lived in a place like this?

Cotton and peanuts are also big crops in this area....

As are long straight sections of roadway.

Florida before dark!

I better get another shot just in case I want to play a Florida Tag game.

I was still 40some miles from camp. Out in the middle of nowhere, with no services or supplies other than one sani-can. Farm rules: If you want it there, bring it there!

The shadows are getting long and the pavement has ended.....

My Floridian brothers.....

.....from other Mothers.

It got really, really cold that night....everything iced over with a heavy frost! I mean everything! We stayed up late by the fire and then I slept in til the sun began to melt the frozen condensate on the inside of my rainfly....

No more pics til Friday when HTSRocker lead a couple of us on big piggie bikes along a nice little scenic tour of the forest.
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