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Originally Posted by Fubars View Post
Excellent photos. Question for all you 570 owners. Do you run a map switch on your bikes? Curious to know how much it changes the powerband. Does the lowest setting turn it down to the output of maybe a 400? I'm guessing the highest is full power, correct?
I run the map switch and use 'soft' on the trails and 'aggressive' on the pavement. The difference in power level is noticeable but not huge, it is rather how fast and immediate the power is delivered. For example, I once tried 'aggressive' on the trail and went to lift the front wheel over a tree across the trail - instead of the 2 foot wheelie I expected I got a four foot wheelie. You can still get the power you want in 'soft' mode, it just isn't as 'immediate'. Peak power is a little less - but there is so much power with the 570 I don't need all of the power it can deliver off-road. On the pavement is a different matter - all the traction you need and no obstacles, so I put it on 'aggressive'. Also, you get better fuel mileage on 'aggressive'.

What the map switch does is mostly change the timing curve, so it is 'retarded' on 'soft'. This may also help you when you are someplace where you have poor gas.

As for where the switch affects the power, I think it is mostly in the mid to upper ranges, but like I said it also makes the power more immediate down low - kind of like a different throttle cam. The way to know for sure would be to do a dyno run with each switch setting and compare them - if you don't measure you don't know, and a seat of the pants dyno can fool you.

If you want a lot more power, the new 70 deg. bikes respond well to freeing up the intake and exhaust. One of the things you can do towards that end is to cut a hole in the seat above the intake:

That was an experiment I did on a stock seat (I have a Guts tall seat) I bought to do the experiment. The hole made a significant difference in both power and intake noise. If you think the stock intake is loud, try the hole in the seat - you will need ear plugs. SM riders do this mod (with more sophistication). My intention is to have a local seat builder take this seat, put some air filter foam in the hole, cover the hole with porous material (both under and over) and recover the seat to look nice and build it to be wider like some SM seats. That seat is what would use on the street when running SM wheels or in the snow with the snowbike kit (snowbikes need a lot more power).

Others drill around the edges of where the seat meets the tank shrouds, but it seems to me that the seat mode would make a much bigger difference and let less crap into the airbox. Add a more free flowing exhaust and you get yet more power. Personally, I intend to keep the stock exhaust, I like how quiet it is.
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