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It did in fact get quite cold Thursday night.....a normal Florida heavy dew was a thick frost already hours before I crawled into my tent. Dr.Z and myself were the last two idiots out by the fire til who knows what hour of the morning? was still dark though.

All I know is that these Florida boys wouldn't be riding before it warmed up in the morning so I stayed tucked into my mummy bag as long as I possibly could.

I awoke to the makings of a beautiful day....and that's the crapper waaay over there across the lake!

The firepit remained a popular place throughout the morning hours.

Florida's National Forests are probably the most exploited and at times appear to be just giant govt. tree farms.

At about 1100 3 of us riding pigs headed out for a ride....the DS guys couldn't make a decision as to what or where they wanted to ride to save their lives!

HTSRocker was our fearless leader and tour guide for the day!

I remember this guy's real name, I think but, not his screen name.

It was about 15 miles through the forest to the big city of Sumatra where we had what turned out to be a really good lunch.

The rest of the thriving metropolis.

Need to mail anything?....there's not much for cell service out there.

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