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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
The SRC-System is a very nice helmet Bluetooth implementation for the Schuberth hats but it only supports connection of one Bluetooth device via the mobile channel. When the manual states it can connect to both a GPS device and a cell phone, it also states that the cell phone must be connected via the GPS device - as you would normally do with the zumo.

You can not do as you desire. Garmin did do it right with the zumo665 but I can understand the reluctance to update.
I'm sot seeing that on the web site. I see A2DP support. The 550 only supports HSP.

Beg/borrow/steal a phone with A2DP support and pair it to the Schuberth. If the phone shows "phone audio" and "music" as distinct selectable options, you can pair with a 550 and a dongle.

You may have to disable pairing between the Schuberth and the phone and route all of your calls through the 550. My Motorola headset "knows" the phone supports both protocols and initiates a 3-way pissing contest if I don't limit the connections.

Also, route all non-phone GPS/MP3/XM audio through the dongle. It transitions to driving instructions more cleanly and reduces battery consumption at the headset.
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