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Originally Posted by chromedome View Post
Okay, I have previously connected the iPhone 4 to the Zumo 550 via bluetooth, and answered/dialed called using the Zumo's touchscreen. I have the hockey puc antenna and listen to XM through the Zumo as well. Up till now, all of this audio has been routed through a StarCom1 hardwired to my helmet.

So, if I use the hardwired audio coming out of the Zumo (both nav and music outputs) and plug that into a BT dongle, pairing SRC to the dongle, I should have nav prompts, phone and XM/MP3 in stereo, right?

As stated above, I was a little dismayed that the SRC only allows BT connection to one device at a time. It's definitely the slickest, most streamlined helmet audio system I've found, but that's an annoying little inadequacy.
I am getting XM, MP3, Phone and GPS prompts from a Zumo 550 by using a dongle (WiRevo D1000 plugged into Zumo output) to connect to an A2DP stereo headset via (Camos BTS 200 in my case). In order to do this I pair the Zumo first to the Camos headset, this takes care of GPS prompts and phone, and then pair the dongle to the headset (Camos permits two connections at same time) to get XM and MP3's to the headset. This double pairing may be an issue for you with the Schuberth device....I don't know.
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