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Originally Posted by Pulasky View Post
... My way seems to be easyer then cuting, welding new frame and trying to fit engine. There is a stock base, made by factory so its solid and fit properly, angine and frame most important parts are done. I know that this kind of ptoject is not easy to build, but if we have got the base it will make all project much easier.
builds using the kawasaki ptwin frames have been done, or are ongoing. nothing new there. the KLR or KTM builds with the ptwin engine are a different kind of bike by intent.

i'm content with my ptwin gravel runners in the stock frame, they work for the type of trip i do, and they're very cheap to build. 10,000 km of gravel road on these bikes so far. i'm going to try to turnkey my next ptwin build for $1000 plus the cost of new tires. we'll see how it goes.

maybe i should join this circus and start another build thread.

(lucas, a PM headed your way)
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