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Originally Posted by tahoeacr View Post
I will try to explain this. KTM makes all the maps for say, sea level at 70 degrees. Your dealer installs a new map. But, you are at 1,000 elevation and 55 degrees. The idle trick(15 minute reset) is done so the adaptive settings can be set. In other words, while your bike is idleing, the ECU is looking at these sensors. The ECU sees that you are at 1,000' elevation by what the pressure sensor under the front mask sends back to the ECU. The temp sensor in the airbox tells the ECU that you are at 55 degrees(the reason you are suppose to do the idle trick on a stone cold engine). Also with the ECU seeing the Lambdas are running richer do to the elevation, the TPS, Manifold pressure with RPM data etc, etc. It then takes a pre-set formula to "fine tune" that map that was just installed to your conditions.

Now fast forward a couple months. Your dealer has a new map that is leaner in some areas. You go get it installed but your in a hurry and don't have time for this re-set. Plus, you just rode the bike down there. The new map is installed. You jump on your bike and scoot out of there. Here is what is happening in that situation. Your previous "adaptive settings" had leaned out your map because you are at 1,000' el. Now you just took off on a leaner new map. Those adaptive "old" settings are going to instantly lean out the new map. Plus, you brought your bike in "hot". The dealer installed the map straight away for you as you where in a hurry. While he was doing this, your engine heat completely "heat soaked" the airbox. Now when the ECU first starts up, it "sees" a ridiculous high temp in the airbox. What do you think that does to the adaptive settings then?

If you don't do a re-set the ECU will learn and correct with time. It is suppose to "look" to correct every 5 minutes but how much does it correct each time? Seems that it takes a few hundred miles.

My opinion is that the closer you get to a "proper" map the less you need to do a re-set. And since all of you FF's are on here reading this your map must really suck!
Good 'splainin Jeff. As you know we did re-set our adaptive settings with Tuneboy for the first map changes, but in the course of fine tuning many maps, sometimes twice a day, I often didn't even do the Tuneboy reset because I was at the same elevation and bike cold. Since the maps were just fine tunes, there was likely no danger of radically lean maps when doing that. With unknown maps and original map load conditions I would say it would be wise to re-set adaptive settings at least the first time you load a new map, either by 15-min idle or software reset of Adaptive Settings.
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