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Originally Posted by John Smallberries View Post
That is a great deal. My Santa may have gotten hosed by ordering it 2 weeks ago. Maybe we can work a discount deal with Aerostich.

I've been thinking and planning for a while now and am convinced this is the right choice for me. One holdback was my new Stebel Nautilus mega-loud horn. It comes with a 20 amp fuse and the PDM60 individual circuit max is 15 amps. I wired up the Stebel on my workbench feeding through a 15 amp mini fuse and could blast away with no problems. I'll try again with a bona-fide amp meter next (need to buy one first - my current multi-meter only measures AC current).

Hook up your Nautilus and blast away! The horn is intermittent and the PDM60 should have plenty of capacity on a 15 AMP circuit. The worst that can happen is the module will shut the circuit down and indicate a fault and I highly doubt it will happen.
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