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Originally Posted by cliffy109 View Post
I will very readily admit that I don't have a lot of electrical expertise. I am also willing to pay to have things installed if I need to. I will also take on a project if I think i can do it without destroying anything.

So... how exactly would I install this on my 1200RT? I know I need to get into the ignition, but where and how? Or do I just take this to the dealer and have them do it?

I had a fuse block on my GSA (may it rest in peace) and I'm trying to get all my goodies back. At some point, I need aux lighting, an Autocom and a charging wire to a handheld ham radio. I already have my Gerbing plug wired direct but would not rule out running it through this thing. I may also add a GPS.
For an RT you simply run the power and ground wires to the battery terminals. The ignition trigger goes directly to the hot side of the tail light (I'll tell you later which color) and the rest is hooking up the accessories to the pigtail. It makes a nice clean installation.
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