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Originally Posted by marchyman View Post
OK, so I'm a month late on this one. I still haven't found anything better than a moleskin and a pen. OK, so it's not an app. It's still the right tool for the job. They come in plain paper and graph paper versions, too.

Yeah, I know what you mean! I've used spiral 5X7 notebooks for years for my trip journals which works pretty well. I do find that I have to go back and look at maps, gas receipts, etc. to figure out where I was, what the town name was, (and how to spell it), Route #s, and other details I sometimes forget. I thought by documenting a few notes on an iPhone I could do a better job of journalism. In the evening I thought I could look at notes and thoughts during the day and write something more accurate and better documented. Some days, if it's been a really long day, I may not get around to doing the journal until the next night, and some of the days info is forgotten or missed.

Thanks to everyone in the thread for their thoughts!

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