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hey everybody

Hello Oldobi ive just read the post a couple of pages ago ,very strange breaking 6th gear on the highland ! Top gear burn outs maybe ?!!! haha. evil
Very nice reconstuction youve done on this bike, looks very cool.

I see you had a problem with the valve seals on the rear cylinder i also have a problem on my bike as its using oil and i seen the rear exhaust ports were carboned up when i had the engine out so thinking its the rear cylinder.
Does anyone know if possble to change the seals with the engine in the frame therefore not taking the head off ?

Lastly Oldobi great pictures of that highland rallye bike... Dr John showed me those a while ago and inspired me - not the bank account - to build something like that, its a great bike !! Nice to see it now hanging from the roof !

Ride on.
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