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Originally Posted by Yamaha_Rider View Post

I have a doubt

What happens if the fuel pump dies in the middle of nowhere, without phone signal and without people in hundred miles away?

Exists some "home made" repair on site to survive and return to civilization?

This question haunted me inside Big Bend Ranch State Park. We tried (but failed) to keep somewhat close to areas we could get a truck into. My bike always eventually re-started after doing nothing but just waiting. You could easily tell whether or not it would start by the fuel pump sound before pressing the starter button.

You can carry a spare of each of the parts in the tank to replace in the field, but you have to drain the fuel out the bottom of the tank and would need some way to catch the gas cause you need that to get going again too.

I don't know if I have solved the problem yet or not (haven't done a long enough ride), but I did go through all the connections to clean and grease as someone suggested, but I have not yet gone into the tank. Need some parts for that.
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