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Originally Posted by Road Agent View Post
Hey Guys,

I'm looking for an App for journal entries. I like to keep a daily journal of my trips, at present, I'm either hand writing notes in a small notebook, or firing up the laptop and doing a journal in MS word. I'd like an App that would basically let me take notes for each day, I have no desire to update to facebook, or a blog, or store on the internet in some cloud! Just want to jot down the days events, and then maybe re-write them when I get home on a real desktop,with a big screen. It would be nice to be able to export my notes in some kind of format that I could get into word on my home computer. I've looked at several journal apps but I thought I'd ask here first before spending a bunch of time figuring out what did and did not work for me. I've even looked as some of the simple note programs, and possibly one of those will do what I want.

Your wisdom is appreciated!

You need to check out the site and iphone app then !
I love it, been doing all my recent trips on it.
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