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Originally Posted by Oldpeg View Post
Why? It worked before, no? WHY?
Guess: Because there are over 150,000 registered members. Maybe there isn't enough room on the servers to allow that many folks to upload unlimited numbers of pictures. Yeah, things were different when there were fewer users. Stuff changes.

Originally Posted by Oldpeg View Post
Oh, BTW, to add insult to injury, I just realized that SmugMug is not for free. You have to pay a fee. Not that I can't afford it. It's a matter of principle: before, adding a pic was simple and free. Now, it's complicated and it costs money.
Principle? Really? You don't have to use smugmug, you know. You can use any site that lets images to be embedded into web pages. Some of them are free. You can also create your own site, if that is what suits you. Then you could set the rules for posting images.
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