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Hey guys, was wondering if I could get some help regarding the new Bergs.
Next year, I'm looking at doing either the Baja 1000, or a Rally in a far off land. I owned an 09 FE570 last year and rode it on the ice for the season but it felt really cramped to me, so I sold it (regret it now actually). I guess I should have given the 570 a bit more time and maybe some ergo treatments before getting rid of it.

I'm 6-3 and 240#'s and I have really long legs and arms. I currently own a 400 EXC, a 550 Berg and a Super Enduro. Of the three, I feel the most comfortable on the Super Enduro and tend to do all my D/S riding on it.

So the big question is, will the new Berg hold up to a good hard beating and still perform over the long haul? I'm far from an expert rider, but I do enjoy a spirited ride and I ride the local MX tracks a lot. Any other tall folks out there with good riding experience that can offer some real world advice. Opinion is nice, but nothing beats real world experience.

The local Berg dealer has a few left over 2010's and he's willing to consider my 07 400 as a trade in.

Thank you in advance!
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