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Well, sounds like a Zuma will do fine for you. As long as you don't need to hop on the highway, the Zuma is perfect. It is reliable and Fuel Injected. As much as many people may try and argue about how carburetors are better, they are not. The last car with sold in the USA with carburetors was the 1990 Subaru Justy. Every car with a gas engine produced after that here are Fuel injected.

The Zuma, like most motorcycles uses Throttle Body Induction Injection. This is not quite as good as more recent Multi Port Fuel Injection, but it works very well. Carburetors were not bad, its just that fuel injection has many many more advantages. EFI just gives a very precise, strong air/fuel mixture. It is great! When you go WOT, the ECU precisely injects the correct amount of extra fuel and air into the engine. And best of all, no re-jetting, ever! Just remapping the Fuel map is necessary when doing performance mods to the engine, which is easy. So this is a huge advantage with the zuma.

The only thing that the Zuma really lacks in technology is Liquid Cooling. It uses forced air cooling, which gets the job done, but liquid is far superior. With water cooling, the engine will last longer, and WOT riding hurts much less. But the zuma has a good forced air cooling system.

But overall, the Zuma is an awesome scoot. I think you will enjoy it, as long as you have no need to comfortably cruise at much over 50 MPH.
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