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Originally Posted by crankshaft View Post
I've got a choice between the 2011 and a left over 2010. The 2010 is a great deal but the thought of not having to dick around with getting it plated is a bonus almost worth paying for I think. The new forks are an added bonus also

I haven't actually seen the bikes, I've been talking with a trusted Berg dealer about them. What did the 2010's come with for controls? What extra's did you need for the wiring to make it street legal?

Start switch, head light/kill switch, thats it for stock controls on the 2010. Depending where you are, and your state requirements, you'll need a turn signal switch, which has high/low beam control, horn switch, and a horn, turn signals, and mirror, draw backs are new switch gear does not have a kill switch. What I have on mine is the high/low, horn, turn signal switch, which has the horn wired as the kill switch. What I've found was that just buying the turn signals and switch doesn't get you everything, you'll still need a wiring harness to connect the signals to the switch and power. You will not have a key, no big deal, but just thought you'd like to know. Here in Kentucky things are much easier, since you don't even need turn signals, I put them on because I wanted them, also, buying a KTM/Husaberg makes it even easier since the MSO looks like like what you'd see on any other street bike, mine did NOT say off road only. If you want to make things easy, buy the 2011. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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