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It's really hard to see what, is exactly what just looking at the bare frame. Without knowing where everything goes, I would just be guessing. I sent my Versys manual to my builder. I need to get another one. The Versys frame looks like it has a couple of cast sections to it. One at the steering head and another at the back of the subframe. There's no way to remove those. That subframe just looks way overbuilt to me. I know that your not interested in doing this but I would cut off the lower tubes and add my own. Probably won't drop much. Easy to say for a guy letting someone else built his bike. When my bike sees the light of day, people will understand why I went to a professional.

When I dropped the 60+ lbs from my original KLR build, what I did was remove the fairing, tank shrouds and sidepanel bodywork tabs and mounts. The heavy frontend parts were all removed too. Getting rid of the stock bodywork removed more weight than just the tabs but there were a gazillion of them. It did add up!

Some of those parts (sidepanels) may go back onto the bike with the new KLE engine but weight won't matter much with this new version. I'd still like to keep it as light as possible.


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