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Originally Posted by satur9 View Post
the g650x has a lighter flywheel and stator. its gets its mostly 3 extra hp from that. .
Oh, that is how they did it? Originally I thought the engine was just tuned a bit more...I've checked the specs I see that they are both 652cc engines with the same piston and stroke, etc, but I could not find consistent HP/KW specs and I don't have access to the BMW manuals which contain this info.

-The Wiki reports that the G650 engines, both from the X and GS lines were uprated to 53HP with the GS variant containing the original 400watt generator. So I'm still puzzled

Originally Posted by satur9 View Post
the new is still down 2 or 3 from old.????. .
The F650GS 2000-2007 was rated at 50HP in the BMW books, so yes, the new one is downrated from both the earlier lineup as well as the original G650 motor.

Originally Posted by satur9 View Post
oh and the euro resticted model is 35 horsies. just a software mod.

The Euro restictions were originally 25KW and the F650GS 2000-2007 models offered a compliant restriction on the throttle body where the throttle cable could be relocated to make the bike fit the restriction. This was a mechanical restriciton on the throttlebody, not software. 25KW approximates 33HP, btw.

I think your 35 figure is not HP but KW. Now there is a change, I think, to add an additional licensing step with a 35KW restriction, which approximates the 48HP rating that is being published for the new bike. The licensing is a bit confusing to me but I suspect the downrating of the engine is to make it compliant with the new restriction...?
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