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Originally Posted by Tosh Togo View Post
The OP rather clearly stated that it cranks in the same manner that it did before being fried, so that sorta rules out any chance that the "pistons have seized in the cylinders." The rings may be unhappy, and the pistons themselves probably have their own problems, but it ain't "seized".

Get in line behind his brother...
Thanks All Much. Esp for understanding my emotional response (kill kill kill kiill)

Kicking my brother's ass isn't going to stop this from happening again (I HAVE THOUGHT ABOUT IT). Helping him get a clue about how things mechanical behave, or at least helping him realize that he knows so little that he should think twice before playing with machines could help maybe.

Dropping it off at Shail's, the local non dealer BMW shop, is an attractive idea, but my brother doesn't have a couple grand, and even if I do, I hate to write anyone such a blank cheque by dropping off a problem that I don't have a handle on myself.

So at this stage I'm just trying to figure out what the best and worst case scenarios are.

With this in mind, thanks Tosh Togo for inching back towards shedding some light into my black hole of understanding engine inards.

A few more specifics questions:

If a piston seizes, can it unseize after everything has cooled down (e.g. just becuase it can turn over now, is that conclusive eveidence that it never siezed and thus didn't cause deeper damage?

If the heads are warped, does that mean new heads or just that they need to be machined again?

If I do the labout and drop off an engine at a shop, what is a conservative guess on what a total rebuild should cost? This could be a good middle ground, where I get my brother to help with the labour and he learns in the process.

Fishkens, what would measring compression and leak down tell me? I assume that both would say something about the piston rings, but anything else as well?

Time for a scotch JB

PS - noticed there are a few other BC and other PNW posters here. I'm just moving back to BC and happy to know that there are other airheads this way.
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