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Originally Posted by jimbee View Post
Fishkens, what would measring compression and leak down tell me? I assume that both would say something about the piston rings, but anything else as well?
Basic diagnostics w/out having to tear down the engine. Health of rings and valves. Leaking out the rings or the valves or both or none.

That said, these things are so easy to take apart that you could have the heads off in little more than the time it takes to do those tests. But I'm curious and like data points.

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Also look at the heads when you take the valve covers off. If the front towards the exhaust is a golden or dark brown, you've cooked the head and probably needs to be planed. Also look at the valves to make sure they're not cracked.
BG: Is this discoloration really indicative of cooked heads? I've got that same discoloration and have heard of others with the pulse air system (whether or not it's still installed) having that as well.
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