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Originally Posted by crazydrummerdude View Post

I set that up to be as gross as I felt at the time. I'm hunched over making the mold and he's standing behind me hunched over too.

Get. The hell. Away.
I of my students must be driving over there to take classes with you. I have one that has zero sense of personal space or privacy, I have turned around to find him reading over my shoulder as I type on a laptop in the lab. Some of his fellow students have made it clear to him that they don't appreciate it, but he always finds someone else to hover over. (The guy does get his work done though)

Good stuff on the class, looks like you learned a lot and had a (mostly) good time doing it. I'm not surprised that the guy tried to leech onto your work in the end. Happens here all the time, but I keep very good records on attendance and make notes about who is screwing off, etc. even if they are there.
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