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Down to Crankshaft Crossing.

I took a look at the lead mines and went waaaay out a dead end road system.

Some nice sights as I head for the Eureka Valley.

I'm looking for the road that goes to the walking trail for the Marble Dunes.

I found the road and went out to the end. You have to walk from here, I'm very tempted. It's around 2:00 PM or so, but it's six miles one way from what I've been told and it's cold enough that I wouldn't survive the night if something bad happened...I'll have to wait for somebody to go with me someday. The dunes are through that low notch, waaaay the heck out there.

I'm going here for the night:

I've wanted to hike up on the dunes for a really long time, so I have a snack and decide to go for it. The wind can get really bad here and it was pretty calm at the moment, so I set up camp and put a few rocks in the tent to hold it down.

So, I picked out a dune for a goal and set out. I'm shooting one that seems to be about half the height of the tallest dune...these are the tallest dunes in California at 700 feet from the valley floor.

It really wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be.

I wanted to stay until sunset, but the wind came up and it got super cold.

I hollered a hello to some passing hikers that were camped near me.

It's time to head back to camp.

It will be dark soon...

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