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I made it back to camp.

My camp neighbors had been on a day trip and had since returned. The girl called me over with the promise of free beer...straight to my heart...I LOVE beer!!! I went over and met Miles, Rebecca and get now you all kind of know me...the little tikes name is...wait for it...ready? His name is Lyric and he's three!!!! I actually go by 'Lyrically Driven' on some other forums. It turns out that Becca was in charge of shopping for the trip, she came back with 250 beers and a 4 pack of toilet paper...I'm going to like her, plus she has the same name as my wife!!

Oh, here comes a jet...I ran for my camera, just in case he came back for another run. They don't usually come back, but for Thanksgiving he made a turn around the dunes and came back for me!!!

I've been trying to get a jet picture for over five years and maybe 12 different trips here...I'm sooo stoked!!!
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