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Originally Posted by Krasniewski View Post

EDIT: On the original topic, not going to sign any petition b/c I won't buy a $9,000 thumper. Just got a used KLR, can't imagine trading it unless the the Tenere had huge power and good economy... and it doesn't sound like it does.
He he Guys, only to the knowledge:

-9000$ are 6238€ (at the moment!!)
-Price for the Tenere last Year in Germany: 7500€ (mine!)
-Inspection 1000km - 120€, 10000 - 220€, 20000 - 320€ (Yamaha!)
-gasoline consumption 3,8 to 5,5ltr (max Speed/Winter)
-consumption with Alucases/two bags (during two weeks in scotland) 4,5ltr
-moves like a tank through the area at low speed

Ok, ok, 48hp and 160km max. Speed doesn´t sound much, but everyone has his own preferences and in the right hands even a piece of paper becomes a weapon...!!

Give these guys a chance and sign it..
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