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Originally Posted by Krasniewski View Post
I wonder how many of you who signed would ACTUALLY put pen to paper and take the bike home in 2011 if she came stateside, or are just signing b/c it's a sweet bike.
I think your right, how many would actually buy in 2011? The truth is, it's not about's about 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and so on. The truth is, it's about choice and not necessarily the choice now but whats to come. If Yamaha doesn't want to be left behind the times, they should......and I truly believe they WILL.......bring the Tenere to the USA. They not only increase market share but name recognition.......and that's half the battle!! Yes this bike is something's a niche bike, in a niche market with a lot to offer that isn't niche. Those whom don't see it, it's because your not looking hard enough at the problem. The Tenere brings to the market, and especially the US market, a thumper with quality built, reliability, simplicity, range, fuel economy, comfort and Enduro ergo's thats well ahead of whats available here! The KLR (great bike).....isn't fuel injected. The G650GS.....4 gallon fuel range. VStrom......not built with off-road in mind. The Tenere looks the bit (which is half what sells bikes), has utility, commutability and easy of use to a new rider or a seasoned vet!

SO, it would be interesting to know how many on the list would ACTUALLY buy?!! HOWEVER, how many more, not even on this list, whom don't know about the list, whom are not even on or whom may not even have straightened the handlebars and uprighted a bike in their entire life would ACTUALLY buy?!

It's not just about this list.....I think I've said this before.

If you need more credibility about the Tenere......listen to these guys.--> They take a couple of quality bikes off-road and do a simple review.
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