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what does this one do?
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P'bucket was started by an inmate!

Originally Posted by DenniSMC View Post
That being said. I will start this off with a screen shot of my main screen. This is the stuff I use almost every day.

I am a Photographer by trade. My stuff leans in that direction. But for fun I play some of the Tag O Rama games here on ADV. And a lot of the above apps make it almost unfair when playing the game.

Most of these are obvious, so I will just talk about my 2 favorite TOR tools.

PS Express is free- And it is Photoshop. You can lighten, crop and more from just that program. Cropping is always a good That's why it's so easy! Can't say from experience as I'm challenged...thing if you are uploading from an area with poor internet.

Photobucket- Is where I choose to host my images. The app must of been designed by an ADV member. Its so easy to upload and post tags. The latest version is perfect. The original sucked. So if you tried it and deleted it, its time to come back to this wonderful free program.
It was created by an inmate! Funny you should say that... Can someone tell me how to "quote" when I respond without duplicating the pictures? It must use up tons of storage from the site. Sorry in advance to the "rockin mods"...
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