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Originally Posted by DRTBYK View Post
You are trying to pair two "slave" devices. The dongle you are using is configured as a Bluetooth "remote/headset" device. The SRC-System is a "Remote/Headset" device. In a Bluetooth world something has to be the "Master" or controlling device.

As I said in my first post, you can not do what you want to do with the zumo550 and a dongle.

Hope that helps.
No, that BlueBridge is a BlueTooth Transmitter. I do agree that his helmet headset may not support 2 simultaneous connections, but there are other options. As for the SRC and the BlueBridge, it maybe that those two devices just won't pair. I've only skimmed through the documentation, and it definitely says the BlueBridge is a transmitter but maybe one of the devices uses 1234 while the other uses 0000 and since neither has a screen, you can't change that. It's just a fact that not all BT Devices like this will pair. Some do a lot better at it then others.

I have a 478 with no built in BT, but I do have XM radio going to the 3.5mm audio output. I recently started using this Scosche MINI Universal Bluetooth Transmitter IUBTT which I hook into my Garmin 478. That transmits the XM and GPS instruction via BT to my Jabra BT3030. (Surprisingly, the BT3030 will pair with 2 devices simultaneously and remember up to 8 connections). I plug in my favorite earphones (ER-6i) to the BT3030 and enjoy great quality music with no wires connecting me to my GPS. Plus with it being a dog tag design, its easy to wear around my neck out of the way. I do have the Scala Rider Q2 also (which doesn't do A2DP), but I just keep it synced to my cell phone. If I don't want to run my ER-6i headphones, I can run an audio cable from the BT3030 to the mp3 input jack on the Q2 and have the audio over the speakers and still not be tethered to my GPS by a cable.

My Dad actually started using a similar setup with his Zumo 550. He has a different BT transmitter (Can't remember the name), but he basically keeps it plugged into his Zumo 550 audio out port. He has the Scala Rider G4 which does do A2DP so he is able to broadcast the audio right to his head set speakers using that BT transmitter. He actually has the G4 synced with both the Zumo 550 for phone audio and the BT transmitter for XM audio at the same time, but if he gets a call, the audio from the BT transmitter is dropped and G4 has to be restarted to re-sync it back up again. I don't think the G4 actually is suppose to support 2 BT connections at one time but since the GPS uses one button to sync and the BT receiver another, you can get both, but it doesn't work very reliably.
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