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Originally Posted by O.C.F.RIDER
The worst bike ever had to be,without any doubt, the MUNCH MAMMOTH(not sure on how to spell it) I had the exterme displeasure of getting to ride one in 1988 and it was the biggest,most vile,steaming pile-of-poo,that I've ever had the misfortune to throw a leg over.This thing had not one redeaming quality to it,it did have alot of power(for it's day anyhow) but on something that handled(?)that bad it surely was'nt a plus.I think the only two-wheeled thing ever made that was uglier was that "ROAD DAWG" or whatever the name of that old thing with the drunk dude sitting on it was.The MUNCH made a SUZUKI RE-5 look great.I think the second worst,at least IMHO,would have to be either of the KAWASAKI triples.Take your pick,500 or 750,handling to die from,very fast motor(both for acceleration and exploding itself),it could shake the fillings out of your teeth,and shitty brakes.Well,at least it looked good.I must admit that I never rode one because I figured that it did'nt need my official seal-of-disapproval!
Was the Mammoth the Brazilian bike with the VW engine?
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