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Originally Posted by BlueLghtning View Post
As I posted, you should be able to get BT from the 550 using a transmitter, you just might have got 2 devices that won't pair. There are a few different BT transmitters out there to try. That Scosche one I have is working pretty well.

I don't think you'll get as good as sound quality over the FM plus always having to worry about stronger stations breaking in. And if the SRC's FM radio sucks as bad as the Q2 does, you'll have a hard time even getting it pick up the FM frequency from one of those FM Transmitter's. If your SCR has an audio input like my Q2, you might be better using the setup I'm using with 2 different BT devices and then a cable running between the BT3030 and your SRC unit.
If the Schuberth had a 3.5mm audio in jack at the helmet that would be tempting. Having to use the proprietary cable, not so much.

My S705 SoundPilot does a shitty job of picking up most stations but an excellent job of picking up a Garmin 7200. (Though the Garmin does have a long antenna in the power cable.) Sound quality doesn't seem much different between FM or BT. Could always get a transmitter for your car cradle - if your car lacks aux-in - and try it with the helmet.

One advantage of the FM solution is that you don't need a splitter and/or 2nd transmitter for your passenger to listen in.
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