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Looking forward to hearing your results. Since reading your post I've been doing some searching and haven't yet found anyone with personal experience re-jetting an XT250 for altitude. It's definitely something that I'd like to find out about though, since I'll be riding between 5-6K ft above sea level next year. As with other XT250 specific aftermarket parts, there seems to be a hole in the jet market... although I'm guessing a search for carb specific jets may turn up more? Idk though... as I mentioned I've never had to re-jet any of my bikes. Now seems like a pretty good time to read up on the subject though. Thanks for the motiviation!

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Thanks for the reply empanadaman but I've been a motorcycle mechanic for 35 years. I know how to rejet a bike. I was looking for some specific hints from someone who has rejetted an XT250. I live in Mexico so I have to have everything shipped down here and it always costs twice as much and takes twice as long. If it's the wrong thing, I might as well eat it because of shipping charges and tariffs.

Having said that, I've ordered a jet kit off flebay and, when I get it, will post the results of my experiments. I really like this little bike for the great dirt roads around here and, if I can get the carb sorted, I think it will be a terror on the bumpy, twisty, paved roads.

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